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A short horror/mystery game where you are being interrogated. The game takes place in an interrogation room, and you start to notice something... odd about the questions. As you stay inside the interrogation room, something weird happens. Are you really being interrogated at all?

The concept of this game is inspired by Sentient and is open for interpretation.

This game was created in 2 days for a 3 days game jam! If you liked the game, consider rating it :)

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 it was a really nice game, i hope to play more games of yours soon!

This was a cool experience! An update to this game would be nice (If you want to do it)

A very nice game, do just more screamer ^^

I know this was short, and there was only one ending... but I do really hope that you update it like you said you might do! Because this game could go in so many different directions😎

had some fun even spooked my out a bit lol

Great little title, I like the concept! I would like to see the interrogation go on longer with more questions and it would be the perfect game for multiple endings, but I had some fun with it, good job! Succeeded in creeping me out a few times!

I played this game on the latest episode of my 'Quick Scares' series on my Youtube Channel!

Come check it out!

me: hmm this game is interesting

me: *hears the Stanley Parable elevator music*

me: a a h

To be honest, it does have potential. 
The questions appearing take a little too long after you've answered one in my opinion but I know they take long because that's how you build tension or atmosphere. The questions themselves were standard questions but good nonetheless. The sounds were alright though there is no story/backstory or anything. 
But as I said, this game has potential and the end says that you're going to update it and that there will be multiple endings soon.
Keep working on it! :D

Part of my B&W horror anthology series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSRUhSIWqO4&list=PLQT5XFx1cJltaDkIz86PPrmOPoeKtROIJ&index=2

Creepy game :) Wouldn't mind seeing more to it.

downloaded game, when opened the table and mirror are covered with a pink glow. any idea's on how to fix this?

Try redownloading the game and run it again, or try using different quality settings. Update me if it works or not :)


I dig the one room mechanic, and I would love to see this concept pushed further! The terrifying ambience is well controlled, and some of the scares did get to me.

Keep it up!


The first Game I played reminds me of the Survey game but I could play again once finished missing a jumpscares 


Not really scary but DEFINITELY thriller and intense like!

Game starts @10:32


SKIP TO 3:01!!!


i liked this game! it wasn't very scary tho, so if you're looking for something scary this isn't for you. other than that it's great!


I quite liked this game, it was quite interesting. I made a video of it if anyone would like to check it out. (Third game at 6:25).

Cool game, reminded me a lot of sentient.  Cheers!  

I loved this! Super creepy atmosphere and questions. Would love to see other endings! This was the second game in the video! 

I had a lot of fun with this one, would like to see the different endings! XD

interesting game. I can definitely see the Sentient influence. Would be interested in seeing more endings added! Starts at 8:22!

starts at 4:19


i had SO much fun with this game. the atmosphere was set almost instantly and i was actually pretty scared throughout the entire thing

great little game loved the concept please check out my play through below 


Creeping game I played for a short while because they knew my name, nice game to my scared (4 horror gameplay)


are there any jumpscares in this game?

Why don't you jump in and play to find out? ;)


These questions though...


Played your game in an indie romp hope you enjoy my reactions to it knowing my name D:

Your game starts at 12:26

i had a blast playing this game! it was really creepy when the game knows my personal stuffs. i hope i can play the full version of this because i am really interested to know about the different endings of the game! overall, it was a good and fun game! 

p.s game starts at 9:16


The ominous and mysterious tone with the really deep and unnerving questions made it a great experience! Even made me look around in my room; never done that before, Very creepy and fun game! Good luck your future updates and projects!!

*THREE RANDOM SCARY GAMES VIDEO OUT* this game was fun to play ngl 🔥


Great job on this one! I always love these types of games that makes you feel like the game knows you and just gets very personal. I had a lot of fun playing it! Awesome short game!


A very fresh experience. Well worth the download. The environment is super moody and tense. Kudos to Wafflegum.



This was really cool! Nice and simplistic, fun line of questioning to answer, and a nice spooky environment. What else could you ask for? Great job! 


how do u know so much? lol u work for the government or are u god?

I gotta say I loved the game and I hope you make more games like this and multiple endings!

May I know the name of the music during the break times?

Search "Elevator music" on youtube


It's horrible

Its beuty

(start 6:59) this was so creepy... I hated the door behind me!...

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