New branching dialogue system & Mysterious creature preview

No released update yet. This is just a dev log :)

  • Recreated the dialogue system to make it more accessible.
  • Branching Dialogues
  • Worked on the "enemy"'s visual. It's still work in progress. So we can expect more improvement in the future!
  • Recreated the event system to work with the new dialogue system.

How are you all been doing? I'd like to address what happened to the game. 

Why did it took so long for me to release an update for it? 

As we all know, life is rough during these times. So I've been busy with life and my full time job. I will work on the game whenever I can, as I actually love the concept of it too. Also, integrating Twine to work with my game for branching dialogues actually took so long to figure out holy hell.

Stay safe! 


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Jun 10, 2020

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Very nice! I don't blame you for taking a bit of time, you're an indie developer and with all this bullshit going on I can't imagine it's easy to sit down and program all this.

Genuinely can't wait for more updates :)

Thank you for being so understanding! I really appreciate the support the game is receiving