A Stormy Update!

Update 2.0
• Added best record/high score! The score counter will change when you beat your best record.
• Added a new start menu!
• Remodeled the environment.
       - Added windows.
• Added storms! I noticed that the room was too dark. So I added a flickering lights coming from the windows, acting as lights coming from lightning. It also adds up to the "night" feeling.
       - Of course, this includes ambient sounds. Sounds of thunder can now be heard while playing the game.
• Decreased some particles spawn rate, as they were too distracting.
• Fixed the pause button. You can now pause!
• Added settings.
       - Screen shake toggle.
       - Game volume slider.
• Made the room even darker for more horror atmosphere!
• Added a custom cursor.
• Increased Faceless' health from 35 to 50. Also increased the HP reward from 13 to 15.


Bed Fears 0.2.0.rar 15 MB
Dec 14, 2018

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